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Safety Commitment in Grand Velas Los Cabos Boutique, Cabo San Lucas, 23405, Mexico
Safety Commitment

Health & Safety in Los Cabos

At our all-inclusive, adults-only Los Cabos hotel, we follow the protocols set forth by Official Mexican Standards to ensure that our guests enjoy a safe and healthy vacation. 
  • General protocols

    What to expect upon my arrival in mexico

    In adherence to the Official Mexican Standards in health and safety matters, these will be the requirements upon your arrival at our properties: 

    • At check-in we will take your temperature. 
    • We recommend using your face mask and hand sanitizer in all common areas. 

    Thanks for your cooperation. These are the details of each of our protocols: 

    Hand sanitizer

    We place touchless hand sanitizer dispensers at different contact points within the property, such as the main lobby, staff and suppliers' entrance, pool area, restaurants and bars, meeting rooms, ball rooms, and fitness center.  

    Body temperature

    All our staff members have their temperature taken boarding the staff bus, as well as upon their arrival at the hotel. 


    One of the mandatory measures for all staff members is to wash their hands every hour (for a period of 20 seconds). Also, in some specific areas, this handwashing measure is done every time they have contact with a group of people. 

    Personal protection equipment

    Our staff members wear face masks in areas of direct and indirect contact with guests. 

    Cleaning products

    We continue to comply with the cleaning and hygiene protocols set by Cristal certification guide. In addition, we use chemicals against COVID-19, authorized by the EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency). 

    Protection kit for guests

    Guests are provided with a personal protection kit available upon request (gloves, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and a face mask). 
  • Public areas - back of the house training
    COVID-19 Training: This training for all our staff members is focused on learning and practicing the safety and hygiene protocols regarding COVID-19. We make greater emphasis on departments that have direct contact with our guests, such as Housekeeping, Food and Beverages, Public Areas, Guest and Concierge Service, Reception, Activities, Bell Boys, Call Center, and Security.
  • Operation areas

    Public Areas

    We increase the cleaning frequency of common areas, with special attention to surfaces with more contact, such as gaming areas, entrance doors, credenzas, escalator handrails, tables and desks, benches, armchairs and/or waiting rooms, garbage bins and guest elevators. 


    The entire work equipment is sanitized at the beginning and end of every shift, including maid trolleys, suite service tables, trays, etc. 

    All of our clothing areas have curtains that protect the equipment and lining. 

    Cleaning and Sanitization Protocol

    • The suite's stationery is made of washable material for its sanitization.
    • We remove all amenities after a guest's departure, whether they used them or not.
    • A detailed sanitization of the following contact points is carried out: 
      • Desks, TV furniture, tables, and chairs  
      • TV remote control  
      • Thermostat 
      • Bath amenities
      • Bath furniture (shower, jacuzzi, and WC)  
      • Gates, mirrors and frames  
      • Doors and handles
      • Light switches
      • Drawers and shelves 
      • Closet doors and hangers 
      • Minibar doors  
      • Telephones (suites and bathroom) 
      • Floors
  • Transportation and security

    All vehicles on our properties are sanitized with steam after each use. The trip is made without a co-pilot and with a maximum of 5 passengers, including our driver.  

    As for our "Lost & Found" area, all items are sanitized before registration and storage. 

    The staff transportation is sanitized and cleaned daily after each route. 

  • Suites

    Cleaning and Sanitization Protocol

    We sanitize floors, walls, curtains, rugs, armchairs, and doors with steam injection. 

    All products in the minibar are replaced by sanitized products at the end of each guest's stay. 

    The air conditioning is also sanitized. 

    We guarantee our guests that no one has accessed their suite after it has been sanitized. 

    Every person who should enter the suite for service and operational reasons carries personal protection equipment. 

  • Gyms

    Cleaning and Sanitization Protocol

    We sanitize all the equipment after each guest's use; this includes machines, doors, armrests, desks, rugs, and pens. We perform the procedure every hour and/or after each use.

    Also, our gyms have an air purifier installed for proper ventilation.

    We activate one machine for each guest. The distance between each machine and the maximum capacity of users at the same time is established according to the governmental authorities' directions; previous reservations are required. 

    Pilates and yoga classes' maximum capacity is also established according to the governmental authorities' directions, including the teacher or instructor. 

  • Boutique / SE spa

    Cleaning and Sanitization Protocol

    We sanitize all surfaces in the area.  
  • Consumption centers

    Cleaning and Sanitization Protocol

    We sanitize the tables before and after each service. 

    All our staff members from the different consumption centers maintain strict hygiene and their handwashing is logged every 20 minutes. 

    All the crockery used is washed and sanitized with approved chemicals, and water at a temperature of 179 °F (82 °C). 

    Our staff members wear a face mask during each service. 

    The bills are delivered in check holders previously sanitized by the cashier. 

  • Bars

    Cleaning and Sanitization Protocol

    We sanitize daily all the surfaces with chemical products approved by the authorities, as well as trays, dishes, equipment, shelves, racks, ice carts, utensils, and counter bottles. This is done at the start and end of every shift. 

    Service bars are sanitized and logged every 30 minutes. 

    All our staff members carry personal protection equipment. 

    For the bar service, the people allowed at the same time is determined according to what is established by the governmental authorities. 

    Guest Considerations

    Guests are invited to wash their hands before entering the consumption center and to reinforce this with hand sanitizer application. 

    Physical menus are reduced; instead, we provide a QR code so that the guests can read it in their personal devices. The available physical menus are sanitized before and after each use. 

  • Suite service

    Cleaning and Sanitization Protocol

    We sanitize all the minibar amenities in the suites before placing them.   

    All our waiters wear a face mask when performing a service. 

    Guest Considerations

    All the meals are protected with plastic film or a food cover. 
  • Guest and staff health procedures
    Our staff members are prepared to report any suspected case of COVID-19. Both staff members and guests who present symptoms are instructed to notify immediately their line manager (in the case of our staff) or Guest Service and Security areas (in the case of our guests). Also, we have an aggressive program testing employees for Covid on a regular basis. 
  • Reporting cases
    In case of notification alert of guests and/or staff members with COVID-19 in the property, our doctor will be informed of a medical evaluation. If the suspected case of "COVID-19" or symptoms are met, the patient is transported to the hospital; the suite will be sanitized, and we will follow-up the patient's situation. We will block the suite and follow the sanitizing process. 
  • Suite release protocol
    If there is a guest with COVID-19, the suite will be out of service for 72 hours and will NOT be opened until the suspected case has been clarified or confirmed. In the confirmed situation, this suite won't be available until an authorized external company provides the sanitization service and allows its release for operation.
  • Important notice:
    These protocols may vary depending on the property. They are subject to change without prior notice according to the indications of national and international authorities. 
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